Online business during holiday season

The 365 days of the year are about to end. Have we ever thought of ending the year with a bang and starting 2022 in full throttle? The economist in me listed down potentially winning online business platforms and job prospects that might hit the jackpot this holiday season.

Here is my merry list.


It is no secret that owning a pet has measurable benefits for your health, but these benefits are typically associated with traditional pets like dogs and dogs. Surprisingly, having a fish aquarium reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and decreases pain and anxiety. Have we ever wondered why doctor offices and health clinics around the world have fish tanks in them? Your guesses are as good as mine. Let us sell those fishes!

Insurance Agent

Insurance policies are selling like hotcakes nowadays, to name a few; life, health, home, travel, disability, property, education and, disability. Owning insurance reduces financial uncertainty and makes accidental loss manageable. This pandemic shows an unprecedented increase of policyholders as CNBC reported that Google Search traffic for life insurance jumped 50% between March and May this year compared with the same period last year. 


A penchant for food may lead to a promising breakout. Serious restaurant owners often hire someone to create an A+ review of their products for marketing purposes. Putting into words the taste to feed customer excitement is a bit tricky but learning the ABCs is a jumpstart to a fulfilling career.

Fast forward. The cue to start bewilders you. The holiday rush is coming, and online purchases guarantee higher demand/ According to a Rakuten Insight survey in the Philippines, 63% of the respondents stated they increased their online purchases due to government-imposed Covid restrictions. More so, the use of e-commerce skyrocketed this pandemic and remained the core of selling. Your instant channel is through social media, but sometimes, we resort to the customary way of doing business and later discover a better way to engage with customers. 

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