Having a team of professional E-commerce enablers like ARGO/SQUAD will surely boost your online business by a mile, but we also understand that entrepreneurs who’ll invest in this venture for the first time will have some doubts. So we’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with ARGO/SQUAD

Collaboration is The Key 

We need to collaborate with budding entrepreneurs like yourself, especially since we’re talking about your success. We want to realize your vision, mission, and dream the way you want it! So communication plays an important factor here. Once you’ve chosen us to be your E-commerce enabler, we’ll get in touch with you as early as possible to collaborate. 

Whether it’s a meeting online, a quick call, or through coffee at a cafe, we’ll be there to listen to your story. We can talk about the design theme for your online store, the content you want for social media, or the message you want to convey to the people through your brand. No matter what it is, or where it is, we’ll make sure that our team will help you materialize your dream business! 

Making Business Easy For You 

Once we’ve collaborated, and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, we can proceed to do the heavy lifting for you. ARGO/SQUAD is filled with experts that check all the marks in social media marketing, website development, and even brand selling! 

Our Creatives Team can handle all your diverse social media content whether it’s an enticing photo, a funny meme, a relatable GIF, or even a comprehensive blog article. You name it, we’ll create it! Our team of professional web developers can also design your website for you down to the last code!  

The work also doesn’t stop at designing as our expertise in Magento–the popular open-source e-commerce platform– can make sure that you can start selling your products the moment you launch your business to the public! We also use Zendesk, the leading customer support platform that can solve your daily management issues in one fell swoop! To put it simply, Zendesk lets you talk to customers on any online platform. You don’t have to log in to multiple accounts just to manage your business as Zendesk brings them all in one app. 

Adding icing to the cake are our social media managers and SEO professionals. Starting from our social media managers, they’ll make sure that your social media content passes your excellent standards. They’ll also track the engagement of your posts by monitoring your online business in real-time and recommend new content based on online interactions.  

Then our SEO professionals will maximize their search engine optimization knowledge so your company will remain at the top of Google searches. We’ve got all your bases covered here in ARGO/SQUAD, and all you need to do is tell us what you envision for your e-commerce success! 

Transparency Is The Solution 

Trust plays an important factor in any relationship, and that also includes business relationships. We highly value your trust so we’ll be transparent in sharing the results of our e-commerce venture. At your convenience, we’ll set up an online meeting where we’ll give you a detailed report on how your business thrived online! These include social media statistics, Google search analytics, customer engagements, and more! 

We’ll also give you recommendations on how we can move your business forward based on the engagement, and trends we see online. After all, we need to stay ahead of the competitive game if we want to stand out among the rest. ARGO/Squad is not just your e-commerce enabler, we’re also your partner that’ll help you make your online business a success every step of the way. So start your journey now, meet with us, and let’s give your vision, the reality it deserves. 


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