Retail Customer Experience Trends Report 2021

Retail Forever Changed​

The pandemic has mandated new ways on how consumers purchase goods and services since more than a year ago, forcing the retail landscape to change drastically to adapt and survive. Along with the new demands came the need to redesign the customer experience (CX). Here are some insights on the latest retail customer experience trends to help you keep up.

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Customer Experience and Retail

Retailers experienced extreme volatility this year, evidenced in the lightning-fast changes in how customers shopped, how employees worked, and, ultimately, how companies did business. Experts from Zendesk, a leading CRM company globally, reviewed data from 90,000 businesses that use their platform across 175 countries. As part of their third-annual Customer Experience Trends Report, Zendesk compared how agents, customer experience leaders, and technology buyers use their platform. Using these insights, they have identified this year’s top trends in customer experience and tailored best practices for your team.

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Designing the experience in CX

Customer experience and customer support are always almost used interchangeably, which emphasizes the value of keeping our customers satisfied and loyal to the success of our business. Companies were quick to adopt different tools to redesign their customer experience to counter the effect of the pandemic on their business operations. Among these tools, and the most basic one to redefine customer experience, is a customer relationship management tool like Zendesk, which helps businesses connect with their customers wherever they are to provide reliable, timely, and personalized support.

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