Halloween Crypt

The Philippines celebrates the holiday season a little too early and long than most of its Asian neighbors. However, in the middle of it all, there is Holloween. It’s all fun and treats until you get tricked. Here are three eCommerce horror stories that most online shop owners dare not encounter just before the grandest online sales of the “Ber” months.

A thief waiting in the dark

Who goes there?!

Financial frauds are one of the most common cybersecurity attacks targeted on eCommerce shops. Cybercriminals have gotten creative besides stealing bank cards and account details. They now use stolen credit card details to purchase goods and services online. Another one of their tricks includes making fake returns involving unauthorized transactions to request for returns or refunds.

The World Wide Web is like The Further to those who do not understand it. But, with the right help, you might get the hang of it!

The case of unexpected visitors

Jumpscares are most effective when you least expect them to appear but not for your online stores. No, we do not want that here. We would love consistent healthy traffic to our online store. However, sometimes we fail to estimate or predict the number of visitors to our store. Most of the time, special promotions like flash sales bring about this kind of experience that can compromise your systems and exhaust the souls of your dev team. Eventually, this leads to our horror story number three. 

Online business owner

The ghosting 

What is more horrific than being ghosted?

For online stores, every minute of the day is an opportunity to sell. If you disappear into thin air, not only will this affect your sales, but also your customers’ overall shopping experience. 

Having routine checks on your infrastructure lessens the chances of having issues like Error 404 or missing pages. 

I hope that I did not spook you so much. Because, if you think about it, Halloween is just the start. The real eCommerce horror stories begin when the biggest online sales in the country start and your online store is not ready to handle the rush. So sleep with your one eye open, until you figure out a way to make it through the holiday retail rush. 

We all need a little help here and there.

ARGO/SQUAD is here for you. We offer free eCommerce consultancy and other services that business owners like yourself might need to set up or maintain your online stores. So if you need a team that can help you optimize your online store, send us a message at support@argosquad.com. We would be happy to hear from you! 


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