It’s 2022, and people have been spending more time browsing the internet than actually going to the mall for a quick shop. The dawn of social media platforms paved the way for entrepreneurs to market their goods online, and netizens worldwide welcoming the convenient innovation gave rise to what we now call E-commerce.

E-commerce is buying, and selling goods online. For any budding entrepreneur, being able to successfully market your goods online isn’t only convenient, but economical as well. Business owners would no longer have to worry about renting commercial spaces or traveling from one business convention to another to advertise their goods. You can simply do all of these online! 

Even though it sounds easy, it’s a whole new world, with unique challenges. You’d have to deal with SEOs, social media marketing, web development, and memes for netizens to even take notice of you, and your product. Luckily for you, dear reader, your friendly neighbor ARGO/SQUAD is willing to take care of all of these tedious processes for you.

Let Our Squad Handle The Heavy-Lifting

Officially launched in 2019, ARGO/SQUAD is an e-commerce enabler that can help you build a successful online presence from scratch! Our squad can jumpstart your e-commerce journey through collaboration, and strategy! They can also help you design, develop, and scale your store through Adobe Commerce.

It also doesn’t stop there as they’ll also launch your brand on the largest marketplaces in the country! We can also handle your digital marketing for you as they’re also experts in SEO, SEM, PPC, and content creation so you’ll always have a presence online. In fact, you can sit back and relax as they become your champions in customer service too via Zendesk– the frontrunner in customer relationship management tools.

ARGO/SQUAD takes pride in always being with you every step of the way. They’ll talk to you on a timely basis providing you with the data you need as they discuss the future of your success! Argo/Squad will always be there for you through your e-commerce adventure from start to finish! Their experts can make sure that you’re always competitively one step ahead in the market!

Stay One Step Ahead Of The Game

Being ahead of the game is an important factor in e-commerce, and that goes for the squad as well. To maximize growing your e-commerce business, they’ve come up with an exclusive app that lets you build your business online without making a huge dent in your wallet– Argosmart! It’s pretty much everything Argo/Squad is packed in one neat, and affordable app. You can build your brand online, and even start selling your products in three weeks! It’s perfect for any start-up who wants to get their online business set up fast, easy, affordable, and convenient! 

E-commerce is both the present and future of retail, and any budding entrepreneur will need to make massive waves in the competitive market to succeed. By partnering with E-commerce experts like ARGO/SQUAD and Argosmart today, you can rest easy that your journey to online success will be like a walk in the park.


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